Halo CE Demastered Vinyl Record


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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play Halo on an SNES? Us too! The first in our lineup of Demastered soundtracks lets us experience the classic we all love while keeping the music within SNES limitations. It's the real deal!

Get ready to face The Covenant once again with this 16-bit loaded battle rifle filled with Dust and Echoes... I mean nostalgia... Especially when you encounter The Flood and things start to get weird. So grab a Sniper and sit back while you take aim at this Demastered piece of art. Whether it's a Triple Kill or a KILLIONAIRE, we hope you enjoy every second.

 Presented on 2 color variants!
500 Chief Green (Green/Orange mix)
500 Cortana Purple (Black/Purple mix)



 Track List

 Side A

Opening Suite
Truth and Reconciliation Suite
Brothers in Arms
Enough Dead Heros
Perilous Journey
A Walk in the Woods
Ambient Wonder
The Gun Pointed at the Head of the Universe


Side B

Under Cover of Night
Lament for Pvt Jenkins
Devils… Monsters…
Covenant Dance
Rock Anthem for Saving the World
The Maw
On a Pale Horse
The Long Run
Suite Autumn
Dust and Echoes

Composed by

Viktor Kraus




Album art by 

Tom Pollock Jr. @tompollockjr



Original Compositions by Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori.


Every order put out by us that is not a partnered release includes a collectable trading card and sticker related to the release!  This is free and not added into the price of the record, its a gift to you!

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