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Twitch Exclusive

Every new release we put out will have a special "KEYSPAWN" variant.
These will be truly unique and absolute works of art.
These "KEYSPAWN" exclusives are what we call the family and support copies that are not available for sale.  Only ONE will be made available exclusively during our Twitch streams.  Our Twitch community is filled with great individuals enjoying laid back sessions of VGM Vinyl.
What we like to do during our streams are the following.

Try Before You Buy

Prerelease listening of upcoming releases

Test Press Approval

Listen to the test pressings along with us as we decide to either approve or reject them

VGM and Chill

Simply sit back and enjoy random records while chatting with the community

The community is filled with great individuals just wanting to relax and be themselves.  Did we mention we give A LOT of stuff away on stream and you can win big savings as well! So come join us when we are live by following and turning on notifications to know when we are starting.