Mission Statement

Here at Respawned Records we strive to produce high quality vinyl records featuring soundtracks from games we love. 
Each release is a passion project with lots of love put into it so that every detail shows just how much we love doing this and being part of this community.
We get excited when receiving albums that we purchase from other record labels and that is why every record we produce is set to a high quality standard that we know you will appreciate!
This is more than just another VGM record label....there is a greater purpose! While we do love to produce amazing records, we are also here to serve. Respawned Records is a christian founded label that believes in giving back and helping others. That is why 10% of all profits gained from sales after a record is sold out will be donated in several ways to help those in need.  You can find out exactly how by following our social media where we will share info and updates on all the ways we serve others.
And of course our service to you!  Without you we cannot make any of this happen!  Making you the customer happy with our products is deeply important and we will strive to always keep you satisfied!
Some ways that we will be using this 10% of our profits.
  1. Buying homeless people food and supplies.

  2. Helping pay medical bills for those in need.

  3. Buying toys for children in difficult living situations. (homeless, seriously ill, foster care, etc.)

  4. Sending supplies to military personnel overseas.

And many more ways that may present themselves to us along the way.
We are not partners with these organizations.  These are just some examples of charities we will be donating to.
Samaritan's Purse International
Dysautonomia Advocacy Foundation
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Games Done Quick