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Banjo Kazooie Re-Jiggyed Vinyl

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Second Pressing Info
5 JINJO Colors to collect!
Signed copies will come with an art print featuring a gold Jiggy and all Jinjos signed by Grant Kirkhope

Have you ever wondered what the soundtrack to the cult classic Banjo-Kazooie would sound like if it was reimagined by the original composer?
Introducing Grant Kirkhope's own remixed album Banjo Kazooie Re-Jiggyed
This Re-Jiggyed adventure is as true to the classic soundtrack as humanly possible coming straight from the creative mind of Grant Kirkhope.
Take a trip up Mumbo's Mountain or even dare to jump in the waters of Treasure Trove Cove in this wonderful masterpiece which has been mastered to take all turntables to a new level.

After collecting all the Jiggys we have obtained access to 5 exciting color variants for you to enjoy!

200 Jiggy Yellow

300 Bird Red

300 Bear Brown

100 Grunty Green

100 Classic Black

Want a signed copy? Maybe Personalized?!?!
Limited to 50 of each variant is the option to have your copy signed by Grant or personalized specifically to you or a loved one!
Signed/Personalized copies will take longer to be shipped.
Composed by
Grant Kirkhope
Bubble Gloop Swamp Featuring Tim Kellett
Rusty Bucket Bay Featuring Jules Conroy (FamilyJules7x)

Album art by 

Del Northern (@miimows)





As with any color vinyl record, no two copies look the same. However, when mixing various colors, there is also a good possibility the final product would look nothing like the mock ups. While our artists try their best to replicate the final product by using the information from the pressing plant, we honestly cannot predict the final colors with 100% accuracy. By purchasing this item, you are agreeing to buy the final product, that may or may not look like the mock-ups shown.

Banjo-Kazooie properties are copyright by Microsoft and used with permission under mechanical licensing.