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Due to the exclusive nature of limited edition records, we cannot promise a replacement for any product received damaged.  We will do our best if there is availability for a replacement or refund but cannot make any promises strictly due to the limit in how many of each release is made.



Are these officially licensed releases?

Of Course!  We ONLY put out products that are licensed and do not support bootlegging in any way.

Do you offer digital downloads for releases?

If a soundtrack can be listened to on youtube or other streaming services then we don't see the need for a release to come with a download code.  If we feel a digital download is necessary we will absolutely provide them!  Most of our arrangement albums can be found on their composer's website and we encourage you going and showing some support!  Do not illegally download music you don't own....it does more damage than you may think.

How will my order be packaged?

Each order will arrive in sealed shrink wrap unless you leave a note with your order stating "please remove from jacket and ship outside to avoid damage."  or something like that.

I bought a copy from an Ebay seller and its damaged, can you replace it?

If you did not buy directly from us then we cannot be held responsible for any damage to a product bought on Ebay.  We can help you as best we can but no promises.

Where are my stickers and collectible cards?

These items are exclusive to orders made on our website. If you order from a distributor or a 3rd party such as Ebay or Discogs, we cannot provide these items for those outside purchases.



How can I pay?

We use Paypal to provide you with buyer protection and ensure a secured checkout experience.  Even though this means we pay a fee for every order, we think you are worth it!

Is my personal information safe?

Yes!  Along with the added protection mentioned above (Paypal) you can rest easy knowing that NONE of your information is shared with anyone outside our company!  If you have any questions please contact us.

Do you only do pre-orders?

Nope!  When we do a pre-order release the record is actually already in production!  Sometimes we are just excited to open up sales to you :)

We also do Ready to Ship orders!  Everyone loves a good surprise right?  A new release + ready to ship = HYPE!

When am I charged?

you will be charged in full upon placing your order.

You don't ship to my country?!?

Yes I assure you we ship to your country...  If you run into an issue at checkout just reach out to us and we will take care of the issue if one should arise.  We purposely keep some stock in case of replacements so unless a release is totally sold out you will get a copy.

How long till my order ships?

As soon as we have the product in hand it will take up to 4 weeks before we ship it to you but sometimes it could be the next day!

If I move can you update my order with new address?




Where do you ship from?

We are located in the United States but we will ship worldwide.

UPDATE- Any customs or import charges will be the sole responsibility of the customer.  Unfortunate, due to changes with VAT, we are unable to offer shipping to the UK at this time.  However, we hope to be able to offer those services to our friends in the UK in the near future.

Will my order be packed securely?

We don't like receiving damaged records from other places so you better believe we do our best to secure your order!  If damage does occur you can contact us to see if a replacement is possible.

Will I be notified when my order ships?

Yes.  tracking information will be sent immediately once we print the shipping label.

How many records can fit in one order?

If your order consists of only single LPs we can fit 3 easily, 4 will be tight.  Only 2 gatefolds can fit in one package if that is what your order contains.  If you plan on buying more than can fit in one box we advise you to place separate orders.

Any questions please email us at Contact@Respawnedrecords.com