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Halo CE Demastered Vinyl

Max 2 per order
Get ready to face The Covenant once again with this 16-bit loaded battle rifle filled with Dust and Echoes... I mean nostalgia... Especially when you encounter The Flood and things start to get weird. So grab a Sniper and sit back while you take aim at this Demastered piece of art. Whether it's a Triple Killor a KILLIONAIRE, we hope you enjoy every second.

 Presented on 2 color variants!
500 Chief Green (Green/Orange mix)
500 Cortana Purple (Black/Purple mix)



 Track List

 Side A

Opening Suite
Truth and Reconciliation Suite
Brothers in Arms
Enough Dead Heros
Perilous Journey
A Walk in the Woods
Ambient Wonder
The Gun Pointed at the Head of the Universe


Side B

Under Cover of Night
Lament for Pvt Jenkins
Devils… Monsters…
Covenant Dance
Rock Anthem for Saving the World
The Maw
On a Pale Horse
The Long Run
Suite Autumn
Dust and Echoes

Composed by

Viktor Kraus




Album art by 

Tom Pollock Jr. @tompollockjr



Original Compositions by Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori.