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Pieces of Eight by TPR (Octopath Traveler Melancholy)

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TPR's melancholy tribute for Octopath Traveler

Presented on 2 beautiful color variants
Lakeside Blue (Oceanic Dark Blue Mix)
Liquid Crystal (Transparent Light Blue Swirl)


Composed by Daniel Collins (TPR)

Artwork by Abi Scott (@SILVERMILK__)


As with any color vinyl record, no two copies look the same. However, when mixing various colors, there is also a good possibility the final product would look nothing like the mock ups. While our artists try their best to replicate the final product by using the information from the pressing plant, we honestly cannot predict the final colors with 100% accuracy. By purchasing this item, you are agreeing to buy the final product, that may or may not look like the mock-ups shown.
Octopath Traveler properties are ©Square Enix. and used with permission under mechanical license.