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PLOK SNES Official Soundtrack Vinyl Record

Only 500 pressed

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Limbs are gonna fly!

Grab a unicycle, Jeep, jetpack, motorbike, tank, helicopter, or even a flying saucer, and ride on into the region of Polyesta!  Pay a well deserved visit to Akrillic where you can find PLOK!  Embark on an adventure with PLOK like never before while listening to the amazing soundtrack that truly tested the capabilities of the SNES.  So drop the needle (but don't lose a limb!) and experience the wonderful work of Tim and Geoff Follin for the first time on vinyl. 

So grab a pair of spring pogo shoes and get ready to hop into the wonderful world of PLOK!

Presented on a double LP 180g vinyl in stunning Red (A/B) and Yellow (C/D) with side D having a laser etched image of our hero PLOK!

With artwork by the creators themselves, this is a true masterpiece of passion you wont want to miss.

Plok © John Pickford and Ste Pickford. Licensed by Zee 3 Limited.
All tracks composed and produced by Tim Follin and Geoff Follin

Recording engineer Alberto J. González