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Timeline Divergence (OoT Demastered) Vinyl


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This is expected to ship within a couple weeks after sales go live. 

The Supporter Series was started as a way to let community members help out and work directly with me to not only name the album and tracks, but also be the art lead in the design process!
Matt Barber was the winner of this first in the series and we are so glad to have it ready for everyone to enjoy!

As the second entry in the Demastered Series we welcome you to travel back to Hyrule and experience the tunes of Ocarina of Time as if it was originally an NES game.
All of your favorite tracks from one of the greatest games in history all demastered for an album dedicated to the wonders of nostalgia.
Ever wonder what Ocarina of Time would sound like on the NES? Here you go!

Presented on 2 beautiful color variants
Triforce (Yellow/Black)
Hero Green (Green w/ Purple specks)

Side D features an etched image of the pixelated Triforce.
Nostalgic gatefold spread
Includes a special retro themed poster!
Music by Viktor Kraus

Artwork by Silvermilk_

Zelda properties are ©Nintendo and used with permission under mechanical license.