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TWILIGHT (Twilight Princess Tribute) Vinyl Record

Only 500 pressed
Max 2 per order

Respawned Record’s newest release, TWILIGHT, is a LoFi tribute album to our favorite games of all time... “Twilight Princess.”

This chill-hop arrangement by Brady (BKNAPP) Knapp was served up fresh for this release! No samples or sound clips here, these relaxing beats were all genuinely composed by Brady, in his own signature style. Featuring hand drawn art by, Michael Lee.

Don’t miss this double-sided midnight blue record, with splashes of magenta and purple that’ll give you that dangerous “walking in the Twilight Realm” feel.

Repress color variant "True Form Midna" Orange and Baby Blue Galaxy mix 


Composed by

Brady Knapp (BKNAPP) 



Album art by 

Michael Lee (Substance20) 



Collectors card art by 

Wenart Gunadi


Promo video by 

Tom Pollock Jr. 



 This is a pre-order item expected to ship within 8 weeks.  COVID19 may cause slight delays.

Zelda properties are ©Nintendo and used with permission under mechanical license.