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Vexx Official Soundtrack Vinyl

Only 500 pressed
Max 2 per order


His world overthrown, his people imprisoned, his family murdered, Vexx, Astara’s slave-turned-savior, has one thing on his mind … revenge. Armed with Astani war talons and his cocky, fearless determination, Vexx will stop at nothing to overthrow the evil Dark Yabu and bring peace back to his planet.


Presented on a double LP in stunning "Eye of Yabu" 3 color mix of yellows and black.  Packaged beautifully inside a gatefold jacket featuring artwork of the final boss encounter!

Artwork by Preston (Presteasy) Gomez https://www.twitch.tv/presteasy

Vexx © Throwback Entertainment Inc. Licensed by Throwback Entertainment Inc.
All tracks composed by Nelson Everhart.