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WIZPIG (DKR Tribute) Vinyl Record

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In Brady (BKnapp) Knapp's words....

"I made this album with the intention of it sounding less lofi and more upbeat/electronic because of the context of the game. I wanted to make sure I captured the racing game essence rather than just take melodies and slow them down to like 81 bpm and add some swingy boom bap drums. I really enjoyed making this album too. No samples or anything since it's a vinyl release again, but recreating a lot of these melodies was awesome. Especially since I played the hell out of this game as a kid. David Wise has some insanely catchy melodies. Hopefully my additions and changes to the original compositions does this soundtrack justice."

Presented on a Tri-Color vinyl with Magenta, Blackand Yellow, this upbeat recreation of one of our most beloved childhood game soundtracks has been given a great amount of love and we truly hope you enjoy taking on the WIZPIG challenge!

Composed by

Brady Knapp (BKNAPP) 


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Album art by 

Alan Baker @LightringDesign



Original Compositions by David Wise