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Zombies Ate My Neighbors (Metal Tribute by Lame Genie)


Grab some 3D glasses and a water gun for this one!
Lame Genie Presents
Zombies Ate My Neighbors
Metal Tribute Album
This Single LP shreds its way through the Chainsaw Hedgemaze straight onto your turntable to take on the evil Dr. Tongue. Featuring 11 tracks reimagined by the incredible members of Lame Genie to capture that frighteningly nostalgic soundtrack we all know so well.
This one sided LP displays an etched image on Side B that captures the main characters from this epic game to showcase the dedication put into this album.
2 Monstrous Color Variants
Zombie Brains
(Green with Multi Color Splatter)
Cheerleader Massacre
(Translucent Pink with Blood Splatter)


Special thanks to
Arrangements - Lame Genie  https://lamegenie.bandcamp.com/
Artwork - Michael Lee (Substance20) 
Zombies Ate My Neighbors properties are copyright and licensed with Konami and used with permission.
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As with any color vinyl record, no two copies look the same. However, when mixing various colors, there is also a good possibility the final product would look nothing like the mock ups. While our artists try their best to replicate the final product by using the information from the pressing plant, we honestly cannot predict the final colors with 100% accuracy. By purchasing this item, you are agreeing to buy the final product, that may or may not look like the mock-ups shown.